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01. May 2020

"Psychic paper"

How to escape the iOS sandbox before your code even runs. Patched in iOS 13.5 beta 3.
Post is written in a way that should be understandable even for non-hackers. :)
18. Jan 2020


An all-too-simple XNU kernel info leak that was hiding in plain sight for two decades. Patched in iOS 13.3.1 beta 2.
07. Jan 2020


A design flaw in the ARMv8 specification.
08. Aug 2019


Teardown of a hardware memory permission mitigation introduced in Apple's A10/A11 chips.
13. Jun 2019

The Evolution of iOS Mitigations (TyphoonCon 2019 Slides)

20. Apr 2019

IOKit resymbolication

How to find a couple dozen thousand C++ symbols for an iOS kernel with minimal effort.
17. Aug 2018


Teardown of a hardware kernel integrity mitigation introduced in Apple's A10 chip.
29. Mar 2018

The HIDeous parts of IOKit (Zer0Con 2018 Slides)

31. Dec 2017


A macOS kernel exploit I dropped as an 0day just for the lulz. Patched in macOS High Sierra 10.13.3.
07. Dec 2017


The kernel exploit that powers a bunch of iOS 10 jailbreaks.
25. Dec 2016


"tfp0 powered by Pegasus": the first binary exploit I ever wrote - gets kernel r/w on iOS 9.